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Question recieved 12/21/07
tom, i have a couple of question on the project tunnel it looks as if the boat was a jet from the pics of interior looking towards back at one time, i have a 21 tahiti jet w/ 460 dove ford, berk and can get a suzuki outboard real cheap is it easy to convert to eggbeater so i can get more room in boat and w/ 4 stroke in it what speed can i expect from it and will it be unstable with a weight hanging off the ass  of it or should i just rebuild my ford and keep as is can you give the pros and cons thanks  dirk Grin


Dirk thats a tough question because you know I'm partial to Jets! But what I have found over the years is that a lot of mnfgr's Jet and OB hulls were very similar and seem to be Ok "either /or A lot depends on your budget and your available "bucks" In my experience Outboards are generally more $$ to fix and less user friendly (more special tools etc) Soooo have i confused or helped? Give me your thoughts Tom

ain't no fun when your toy's don't run!!  (new online magazine)

Question recieved 12/9/07
 Hi guys, I have bugged and gugged you about boat hulls, so forth. Now I am going to ask you a few more questions. I just bought another, yes another mini day cruiser but its a 75 not a 73. It has a Place Divertor handle on the floor but the guy I bought it from told me it wsa a jetavator. How can I tell what it is? I know you could tell by looking at it. I am not as savy about these things. I know it has one of the two. There is no name on it, I need to find out so I can order a few misc. parts for it.
  The name on it is Fool's Gold. It kind matchs, as far as a boat name! LOL!! Any way. I could really us the input as to what I am dealing with. I didn't see a name on the nozzle, just the handle. I can take a picture of it and email it to you if that would help.
  I have also been told that the 455 Olds is a bad motor for a boat, that they have oiling issues do to the oil return holes in the heads. Is that a bunch of crap, or is there something to it? I know Joe Mandello mad ethese motors run on the strip, in a few Miller jet, v drives. I am not him!!

Mike B.
Mike :congratulations on your boat purchase ,Yes a pics would be helpful to ID the nozzle brand and type. Yes the Olds motors did have some "inherent problems" but overall they were and are still are very popular and can  perform quite well in jet boat applications . Joe Mondello who for years has been considered "Doctor Oldsmobile" made great inroads into the Olds performance market and pioneered alot of great engine and performance improvements to both gain horsepower as well as increase the longevity and dependability of the Olds motors. Truthfully mods and improvements for Olds lower end and valvetrain work are quite simple to make and available from a multitude of makes and manufacturers ,alot of what it takes to make this motor work are simple "common sense" type mods . Jet Boat Performance has built dozens of Olds motors over the past several years with great sucess . Keep us posted and send the pics to us when you get the chance . Tom

Question recieved 11/22/07
 Hi, Well I found a boat (73 Tahiti Mini day cruiser) that would best suit my family, I can live with it. I would like to know what this boat needs on the jet, it a 12jg berkley, it had a motorized divertor, the motor is siezed. thats all I can see on it. It has an olds 455 that is going to be replaced by a FORD 460 with about 500 ponies. What should I do to the jet, and intake grate? I havent taken it out yet, so what do I need to look for when I do, so I can correct any potential problems , as far as the set up?
Mike B

Mike: Congratulations on your aquisition, good choice in family jets!  The engine "swap" you wish to make is fairly simple and can be done with a minimum of tools and a few parts (mounts, exaust, water inlet and outlets, likely a different drive line, as well as some other misc. parts and pieces). "Kits" to do this usually run from around $1000.00 and up (combination of new and used parts).  The Big Ford is in our opinion a good jet boat repower choice and 500 hp is a reasonable goal from the BBF for a modest investment. We think it prudent that you pull the jet and inspect it for, if nothing else, the piece of mind.  After all, the mere fact that the boat has been "setting" for a while would give us concern regarding the condition of seals, bearing and gaskets. Good idea to "freshen the jet" while your doing the motor work. The intake grate will depend entirely on the use and application of the boat.  I'd reserve recommendation on it til we get further into the project!  Be sure to take lots of pictures as the project progresses and call or email us at JBP if you need tech help or coaching,  Were happy to help ...Tom


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